Rumah Berita Air purifier manufacturers face new challenges in 2022

Air purifier manufacturers face new challenges in 2022

  • January 07, 2022

At present, the air purifier market has technologies such as activated carbon filtration, electrostatic adsorption, chemical adsorption, HEPA filter, composite material (activated carbon + HEPA). However, when manufacturers promote externally, there will be different opinions.

Some people say that electrostatic adsorption can disinfect, some people say that HEPA can't completely filter bacteria, and some people say that it can't remove odors. Consumers of air purifier manufacturers feel dizzy when the salesperson introduces and watches the smoke test.

In fact, after reading the publicity of many brands in the market, it can be summarized as filtration, adsorption, and sterilization. Indeed, there are not many things that can make consumers feel at ease and satisfied. After years of technical precipitation,

The existing ATP HEPA antimicrobial peptide filters on the market can really filter PM2.5, filter bacteria, absorb different colors and odors.

In the wholesale sales of air purifiers, PM2.5 and formaldehyde are more sensitive words. Some brands advertise PM2.5 removal rate of 99%!, (MISSING) formaldehyde removal rate of 99%! (MISSING) But after the actual test, the removal rate of PM2.5 does not even reach 60%! (MISSING)

The formaldehyde removal rate is also less than 40%!. (MISSING) In the random inspection by the quality inspection department in 2013, the PM2.5 and formaldehyde of many air purifiers did not meet the national standards. The function of negative ions is also promoted by many companies, claiming that negative ions can prolong life.

Promote blood circulation, etc. Use these headlines to deceive middle-aged and elderly consumers.

High-quality air purifier, let you no longer worry about indoor pollution

Affected by the environment, the demand for air purifier products is increasing day by day. To buy a cost-effective air purifier, you need to follow the four core indicators of the new national standard for the air purifier industry:

1. CCM (cumulative purification capacity).

2.CADR (clean air volume).

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